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All the world's knowledge concerning water polo. Water polo is severely deficient in easy-to-access information, which is unacceptable in the Age of Information. To help with the sport's popularity, we must provide articles, links, videos, original content, etc. for consumers.

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There is much work to be done and we need your help! We need more content about water polo. Here are some ideas, feel free to add to them

  • Pages for individual water polo clubs
  • Governing bodies of water polo (international, national, local)
  • List of national leagues
  • Rules of water polo
  • Water polo shots
  • Important people in water polo
  • Positions in water polo
  • History of water polo
  • Where to watch live streams, or to buy video
  • List of international competitions for national teams and club teams
  • Water Polo equipment
    • Goal (and how to build one)
    • Suits
    • Caps
  • Southern California-specific information
    • Club
      • Individual club pages that detail their general location, home pool, age-groups offered, etc.
      • Governing bodies: USAWP, American Water Polo, SCAF, Southern Pacific Zone, Coastal California Zone, Pacific Southwest Zone
      • JO Quals and JO results
      • List of big tournaments and leagues (table form)
    • High School
      • Governing bodies (CIF, CIF-SS, National HS Sports Association, SCAF)
      • 2016-2017 CIF-SS High School Boy's and Girl's Seasons
      • CIF divisions and rankings
      • CIFSS historical champions and runner-ups
      • List of high schools and leagues that offer water polo

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